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Table laser marking machine
Table laser marking machine


Can be carved metal materials and most of the non-materials, mainly used in depth,smoothness,high precision requirement of areas,such as electronic components,hardware tools products,electrical products,consumer goods,sensors,auto parts,3c electronics,arts and crafts,precision instruments,gift accessories,high and low voltage electric appliance,sanitary ware

Industry,battery industry,IT industry and other fields.

1. Ink and paint: mobile phone battery label,panel,mobile phone keys,small daily necessities,etc;

2. Laser marking of ceramics and EP materials:electronics,component packaging,IC,etc;

3. Plastic products:electrical shell,electronic products and other products serial number,LOGO,etc

4. Metal and surface:stainless steel,copper,aluminum and oxidation electroplating,often used in hardware,daily necessities,electrical appliances,mobile phone shell,eta;

5. Keyboard and keys:keyboard,key and other fine marking

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Jinan GOLDWAY laser equipment

Jinan GOLDWAY laser equipment

The company possesses imported CNC equipments and other famous homemade CNC production equipments. Excellent production equipment, advanced technology and strict testing method guarantee the best quality of every slewing ring in Yuanfeng.


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