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Theoretical backgroundThe borderline personality disorder is a complex psychiatric disorder that represents a high number of patients in a psychiatric adult service. Anxiety, sadness, self mutilation). The aim of this paper is to introduce a therapeutic model little known in France: the mentalization based therapy (MBT) developed in 2004 by Bateman and Fonagy.

Last year, Cesar Cerrudo, an Argentine security researcher and chief technology officer at IOActive Labs, demonstrated how 200,000 traffic control sensors installed in major hubs like Washington; New York; New Jersey; San Francisco; Seattle; Lyon, France; and Melbourne, Australia, were vulnerable to attack. Mr. Cerrudo showed how information coming from these sensors could be intercepted from 1,500 feet away or even by drone because one company had failed to encrypt its traffic..

Mobile TeleSystems PJSC (“MTS” NYSE:MBT; MOEX:MTSS) is the leading telecommunications group in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe. We provide wireless Internet access and fixed voice, broadband and pay TV to over 100 million customers who value high quality of service at a competitive price. Our wireless and fixed line networks deliver best in class speeds and coverage throughout Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Belarus.

Esercizio L mentale e fisico può migliorare le funzioni esecutive (pianificazione, organizzazione, multitasking), migliorare l e prevenire la demenza legata all patologico. Studi dimostrano che gli atleti, in età avanzata, mostrano funzioni esecutive più efficienti rispetto a persone che hanno condotto una vita sedentaria. Lo stesso è possibile se si intraprendono attività fisiche in età avanzata.

Too many Christian groups ignore Paul’s statements about the “bursts of anger” in the early Christian congregations when members were deciding whether to cling to the traditions of the past in order to deny a group of people (the Gentiles) acceptance in the Christian community. This while these same Christian groups proclaim that all parts of the Bible should be accepted. Nussbaum, has forsaken the Christian way for the Jewish way ironic because it was the Jewish tradition of circumcision that caused a “burst of anger” as described by Paul in the Bible)..

I partecipanti al gruppo MBT hanno effettuato 18 mesi di terapia basata sulla mentalizzazione e una volta dimessi hanno frequentato per altri 18 mesi un gruppo di MBT. Il gruppo di controllo ha effettuato la terapia psichiatrica standard. A otto anni dall’inizio dello studio e 5 anni dopo il completamento della terapia basata sulla mentalizzazione risulta che i pazienti del gruppo MBT hanno tratto dalla terapia dei giovamenti significativamente maggiori rispetto ai pazienti del gruppo di trattamento standard..

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