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The Mohafiz is an internal security vehicle designed and manufactured at Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) in Pakistan based on the chassis of commercial vehicle. If required, a more powerful 4.5 litre diesel engine could be installed to provide a higher power to weight ratio. Although the first example of the Mohafiz is based on a Toyota Land Cruiser chassis, it could also be built on other 4 4 chassis..

De 164 participantes adolescentes, 68 (el 41%) manifestaba un trastorno borderline. La hipermentalizacin se manifest independientemente de los problemas internos y externos evidenciados. En comparacin con pacientes con otras enfermedades, la hipermentalizacin se observ con especial frecuencia en los pacientes borderline.

Gli utenti stessi sono protagonisti e artefici del messaggio “anti”. Sul nuovo sito ogni iscritto può comporre il proprio anti profilo e parlare di sé alla comunità online attraverso tutto ciò che è lontano da sé, che non lo rappresenta. Un vero e proprio manifesto che raccoglie giudizi e commenti su tutti gli argomenti che ci vedono “anti”..

Damn Blatant Repost (but true):Freddie and Fannie (measured by a debt bigger than the yearly GDP of China or Japan) typify a system precisely designed to extract more taxes for private profit. The “government” is not broken, it is sucking strong like a Dyson for those who own it, feeding the fruits of our labors into their accounts. The question is: How low an internal pressure can this old shell of an economy take before it buckles.

I think it is fine to have a personal faith or belief, but if an elected representative is to represent the ‘whole’ of a population, which will obviously include beliefs of every stripe, then a definite NO to using religious tenets as a guiding principle in politics unless these principles are also universally held by everyone who is being represented in the first place. Yes, the founding fathers were definitely religious, everyone back then was, but they also knew the reality that they came from whereby they were persecuted for their beliefs. Maybe god could make it work, but people sure can’t..

Bien qu TMaucun dispositif de thrapie base sur la mentalisation ne soit dcrit dans la littrature chez les patients atteints de troubles du spectre autistique, un tel traitement semble prometteur pour amliorer les cognitions sociales et les facults mentaliser de ces enfants. Nous proposons dans cet article d TMtayer l TMhypothse de l TMaction thrapeutique de la thrapie base sur la mentalisation chez les enfants atteints de troubles du spectre autistique sans dficience intellectuelle et de prsenter un protocole exprimental pilote permettant de tester cette hypothse. Disturbances in the mentalization process are found in several psychiatric disorders, notably borderline personality disorders for which mentalization based treatments (MBT) have been developed and evaluated.

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